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Kings Canyon: Paradise Valley

Here’s half the GPS track for the day-hike from Road’s End to lower Paradise Valley. I only included the “down” track because we had trouble getting a lock in the canyon for the first half of the hike. When we stopped for lunch I switched GPS receivers and got a decent lock most of the way down. This track was recorded with Run.GPS, exported as a CSV file (since I had to remove about 5,000 lines of bogus GPS data), and mapped using Adam Schneider’s GPS Visualizer application, which is very impressive and easy to use.

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Kings Canyon: Hotel Creek Trail

Here’s a GPS track from the Hotel Creek Trail to the Cedar Grove Overlook in Kings Canyon National Park:

And here’s the altitude graph for that hike:

We did this one in about 2 hours and 45 minutes; we went pretty slowly, having hiked to Paradise Valley (~13 miles) the day before.

Jury Duty Status Page Monitor

I was on call for jury duty last week.

I wrote this little Perl script to check the jury status web page for my county and shoot me an email when it was updated. This script isn’t all that clean (it doesn’t f_lock the checksum file among other things), but it was a quick and dirty script that helped me get work done during the day where I was otherwise constantly checking the web site for updates (the county asks you to keep checking back).

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